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Mystery Spot

To settle a bet about pirates between Eddie and his sisters, Eddie took them down shortcut along the river path toward the harbor.  There, in the darkest, bushiest place, a one-legged man ambushed them, and before they could escape, told them of a mysterious spot in the nearby mountains, where water runs uphill, compasses go […]

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Maniac Motion

The two arrived shortly after the great earthquake rocked Santa Christina.  She came to teach music, he to recover the invention stolen from him by his nephew.  But only when an aftershock threw the nephew into the river gorge, and John found the nephew’s credentials, did the undercover detective from Washington DC revealed himself and the […]

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Evil Eye

When gypsy queen Madam LaRue arrives in Santa Christina, she wields a strange power to daze, then capture Nancy, and whisk her away to the secret gypsy camp.  Eddie and Kathy must act quickly to try and find her, and save their sister from Madam Larue and her son Gaston.  But first, they need to […]

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