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The Gold Game

Tuscorora Nevada, a booming gold mining town in the 1860’s, stirs to life when prospector Desert Pete and aerospace finance executive Rod Stearman exploit state-of-the-art technology to recover millions the old timers never could. But when a Hazmat scare threatens to expose the operation, and a forensic accountant uncovers criminal activity in the aerospace company’s […]

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Ben Clift’s business acumen not only made him the world’s richest man, but also created several of the world’s most powerful women. The technology he invented, and brought to market, is unsurpassed. His efforts in large-scale pollution removal, petroleum-free vehicles, coupled with his Amazon reforestation program, made him history’s greatest environmentalist. His support of community, […]

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The Lost Frenchman Mine

When a recently retired, top Silicon Valley engineer, Adam Borodagay, sets out to find San Diego’s legendary Lost Frenchman Mine, he comes face to face with far more than he’d bargained for. Instead of rediscovering the richest silver deposit ever assayed, he unearths strange containers filled with silver ore mixed with other strange materials.  Finding […]

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The Curse of Palo Alto

The wharf is unique; a sunken concrete ship, the Palo Alto, connected to the shore by an old wooden pier. The diamonds stolen from her remain missing.  The pool of blood that encircled her cursed her to never sail again.  When Cliff and Kathy Cuyler  witnessed  the blood drifting out of Ayre Creek toward the Palo Alto […]

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Harry’s Tree

Harry Maddox’s passion is to find the perfect redwood tree and  transform it into the world’s best suite of furniture, but Harry’s epilepsy precludes him from having a driver’s license and denies him access to the forest.  Then Steve, a newcomer to Kinsale, goes to the senior center, meets Harry, and becomes infected by Harry’s […]

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A Prelude to Dying

Ernie Jackson’s doctor made it clear, the blood test was for Appendioccualritus , and Ernie’s reading came back at a level almost never before seen. The problem was that no one who has ever tested with levels as high as half of his had ever survived more than six months after diagnosis.  Once over the […]

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