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Silicon on Silk

Yvette knew it was a crazy idea.  How could anyone think a microchip, injected into a person’s body, could seek and destroy cancer cells?  Still, there was nothing to lose.  They’d cut off her boyfriend’s leg if it failed anyway.  But, it worked.  And it worked agin on her aunt.  Then, when she tried to […]

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Sacajawea’s Ghost

All Lolo wanted to do was to get an A on her freshman science project.  She didn’t want to scare anyone, well maybe just Sam, the class bully.  She didn’t want an accomplice, especially Rye.  And she surely didn’t want to incur the wrath of Sacajawea and the entire Nez Perce tribe.  But since she […]

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RoboDoc is the story of Jerry Kindall, a high school senior and the best video game player anyone had ever seen, his girlfriend Sarah, who gives Jerry a Christmas present of her pregnancy, Jerry’s first job, his hard-nosed ex-Marine boss Hank, and Max, the robot he brings to a level of success unimagined by any […]

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Orofino Wheels

Boy meets girl, aaah, love at first sight! But what happens when a real flesh and blood girl steps in between the boy and his first car? Any of a million different things can happen, but what actually happens depends on the car, and the times. Orofino Wheels tells the stories of five different couples […]

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Kayla’s Box

A simple, gray metal box, sat, waiting in the abandoned cabin in the mountains for Kayla for over sixty years.  The box held only two items; a dairy, and a leather pouch filled with gold nuggets.  150 years had passed since gold was first discovered in the Bitterroots.  Was there more?  Kayla’s journey to find […]

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