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Getting it down on paper

Getting the words down on paper is simply the first requirement for any writer.  Most, I’d guess, simply sit in front of their laptops (the new Underwood of yore) and pound away at the keys.  I tried for a long time, and just can’t get anything like reasonable work done that way.  My way is […]

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My favorite sport is baseball, but not the American League where the DH ruins the wonderful symmetry of the game. I root for the home town Padres, and always for the Cubs. Why the Cubs? Ernie Banks, perhaps the best role model a kid could ever have. “Let’s play two.” My favorite car is any […]

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Baseball has been a lifelong passion for me. I played as a kid in Little League, in Babe Ruth League including on a team that won the State Championship, in high school, at all three of the high schools I attended. I played as a young man in college, as the publicity pose above shows, […]

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Colored Covers

For years, all of my book covers were laid out to the exact same format, if only because I liked it. The only difference was the background color. Each category boasts a different color, chosen by me for what may seem to some to be bizarre reasons. All the Senior Fiction book backgrounds are brown […]

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HI – LO Books

For someone who has read all his life, and loved it, the possibility of anyone not wanting to read is unthinkable.  Unfortunately, there are some of those.  Worse yet, some of those are still in high school, a place where they still could capture the love of reading … if somehow just the right book […]

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