Getting it down on paper

Getting the words down on paper is simply the first requirement for any writer.  Most, I’d guess, simply sit in front of their laptops (the new Underwood of yore) and pound away at the keys.  I tried for a long time, and just can’t get anything like reasonable work done that way.  My way is the old fashioned way.  I write every first draft on sheets of lined yellowed paper.  My first edit consists scratching out and adding in right there on the pad.  My second edit is the entry of the scribbles into my laptop.  And why does this work for me?  Because, I am a terrible manuscript editor.  When I read my own work I get too involved in the plot and the characters to catch all the grammatical errors and marginal sentence structures.  Painstakingly transcribing the written text helps me to find most, but not all, of my mistakes.  Is this the long way?  Maybe for most, but for me, it is the fastest way to the final product.

The answer to the slow typed entering problem is to become a much better editor.  Recently that’s happened to me, that and getting an independent line editor to review each new book.  I’m not sure the results are any different, but now I spend much more time editing typed text than I used to.

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