Colored Covers

idaho summer 2010 259For years, all of my book covers were laid out to the exact same format, if only because I liked it. The only difference was the background color. Each category boasts a different color, chosen by me for what may seem to some to be bizarre reasons. All the Senior Fiction book backgrounds are brown as in the heroes are older than dirt. All the Young Reader book backgrounds are green, as in the rookies are green. All the Teen Fiction book backgrounds are red, as in the heroines are hot. And, all the Coffee Table book backgrounds are blue, as in the material is true blue. So, what difference does the background cover make? None at all, really, except I can more easily tell what I’m looking for on my bookshelf.

Lately I’ve been coerced into a more dynamic cover design.  I admit it does look a lot better, but i still like the old way.

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